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Motivation is high in group training programs.

You get results and minimise your risk of injury with our scientifically developed training system.

Get the right training program for your event, from your first 4km run, to a marathon.

Me time. Your family will love you a whole lot more if you take some time out for yourself.

What people are saying about Hooked on Running

  • Thanks Kirsten. I ran the 10km on Sunday a whole 5 minutes faster than the same race last year. Annoyingly, your voice inside my head wouldn’t let me slow down! I could hear you telling me to turn my legs over quickly every time I ran downhill. I really appreciate the effort you put into our training, and I love the motivation of running with a group…and my family loves me more as I’m a nicer person to have around when I run.

    Rebecca, Frenchs Forest

  • Thanks again for today!! It was a brilliant experience and Trafalgar was not as hard doing it 2 times as I thought it would be. Through [Hooked on Running] we have made some brilliant friendships and achieved some amazing results – thank you! You guys are brilliant.

    Kerrie Glass, Frenchs Forest

  • A note of thanks to you both. 5 years ago I couldn’t run to my letter box without feeling like I would die. Last Saturday I completed my first Ironman in New Zealand : 3.8km swim; 180km bike and 42.2 km run. I can’t believe I did it. I can’t believe that 5 years ago there would have been no way I could EVER contemplate doing such an event. It is the best feeling ever to set the bar high, have to risk failing potentially and then achieve your goal. I felt the same sense of achievement after learning to run with you guys. I never thought I could do that and I did. Thank you so much for your help guidance and support over the years . You helped set me on a much healthier life path.

    Bec Dunn, Forestville

  • Thank you for coordinating a group of such fabulous women! As a working mum it was humbling to sit amongst the discussion last night and certainly reset my priorities and attachments. Thank you! I hope you and Richard and the boys have a wonderful Christmas and New a Year. To a fabulous 2015!

    Suzie, Lane Cove