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Running Training Groups

A postive and motivational training environment

A postive and motivational training environment

  • Are you a woman looking for a running training group that will cater to your specific fitness level?
  • Do you want to train to improve your running, whilst minimising your risk of injury?
  • Are you a busy woman, with lots of balls in the air, so you need to maximise the benefits of your training time?
  • Could you do with some expert knowledge from runners who have been coaching for over 12 years?
  • Do you want to train with a group who’ll celebrate your achievements?

Hooked on Running will help you improve your running with smart training that quite simply, works.

As you probably know, consistency is the key to getting better at most things, and running is no exception. To improve your running, you need to be consistent week on week, month on month.

It can be hard to keep consistent on your own. Our running groups connect you to a great support network of like-minded, motivated and successful runners.

Success looks different for everyone. Using scientifically proven methods, we’ll set your training, within the group session, at a level appropriate to your current fitness.

Through over 12 years of experience with running training groups, we’re able to accommodate a broad range of abilities within the group, so that you’ll be pushed to your own individual limits, without being flogged to death!

Training at the right level means you’ll enjoy your training more. In turn, that makes it easier to be consistent.


When you know the group is expecting you, it’s hard not to turn up!!

What to expect at a training session

Interval training sessions are conducted on sports fields. Occasionally we use the surrounding footpaths for some variety.

We start off with an easy run on the ovals to warm up. The warm up might also include some drills and other exercises which will help improve your running.

The main part of the session is an interval training session, which is simply running faster than you normally would if you were just going for a run, and taking recovery intervals in between the efforts. These recovery intervals might be an active recovery such as slower jogging or walking, or a standing recovery.

Having been in the game for a while, we have a lot of different session formats up our sleeve to keep the things interesting, including handicap efforts, relays, pacing exercises and hill technique sessions (both up AND down).

This variety of formats allows us to structure the sessions so that no-one feels left behind. Nor will you feel that you are holding others back.

Through using handicapping, and assigning different distances and recovery times to different runners, our more advanced runners are always challenged.

Hooked on Running Training Sessions are Available in...

Who are our interval training sessions for?

Our running groups are for women (and men) who:

  • Enjoy being part of a group
  • Will rise to the challenge of running with people of a similar pace-who might just push you a bit on those days when you don’t really feel like it!
  • Want to do some specific speed work as part of their overall training program, or just want to use the group as motivation to get out of bed!
  • Can run for 20 minutes without a break

How fast do I need to be?

  • We mostly base our sessions on Rating of Perceived Exertion, rather than a set pace, so you can run at your own pace, at a perceived level of effort. The actual pace will depend on your current fitness level. If you’re less fit, a slower pace may feel quite hard for you first up. 
  • You’ll find different abilities within each of our running groups – some of our runners can literally run for hours, whilst others are happier with 45 minute runs. 
  • You will need to be able to run for at least 20 minutes without stopping to get the most from the sessions. If you’re  not quite there yet, our Learn to Run course might suit you better, or feel free to trial a group and see how you go. We can assess you and advise what would suit best. 
  • As a guide, our runners’ 5k times range from sub 20 minutes, to around 40 minutes.

Are you for women only?

  • Mostly, but our Wednesday 6:00 am group is has expanded to include men as well.  

If you want to take your running to the next level, or if you'd simply like to run with a great bunch of people, come along to a no obligation free trial

What People Love About Hooked on Running

“I love coming to our running groups each week. The variety is fantastic, and the company is great. I consider myself very lucky to be running with such a supportive group of women. And on top of all that, I’m getting fitter and faster! I can’t speak highly enough of you :)”

Denise, East Killara

“You are a FANTASTIC coach. Thanks for being such a great motivator, which is what we all need!”
Natalie, Frenchs Forest


“I just would like to let you know I have really enjoyed coming to your running groups for the past 12 months. I have always looked forward to your classes every week believe it or not. My fitness has improved immensely. This is the fittest I have ever been!”

Ann Tse, St Ives


“Thanks also for doing these zoom sessions.. they are a real life saver for me as it is getting some routine and structure to my life.. and running is something we can all take forward into the seeming infinity of this situation 🙄
Your work is much appreciated..” 💕
Angela Brown, Roseville