SMH Half Marathon Team

Pete cracks 82 mins for the SMH Half

We had a great day for the SMH Half Marathon 2015.

This year we had quite a few teams entered into the SMH Half Marathon relay. A great way to experience the race without having to run the full distance. I think all of our relay runners have done a half marathon at some time, but just didn’t have the fitness for the full distance this time round.

And there’s nothing like being on a team to bring out the best in a person. I think all of our relay runners had planned to take it a bit easy, given their fitness levels, but ended up giving it their all on the day.

It wasn’t only the relay runners who exceeded expectations. Nearly all of our runners posted times which were better than they expected, which is awesome. And I have to make special mention of Peter Sewell, who cracked 4 mins per km for the first time in a half, to come in 102nd overall, and 2nd place in the male 50-59 category.

Here are some  pics from the day for you to enjoy.

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