The Right Sports Bra For Runnning

How to find the right running bra

Many of us will spend literally hundreds of dollars, and many hours getting the right running shoes, but when it comes to a running bra, we sometimes go for the “home brand” option.

Whilst you don’t have to pay a fortune to get hold of a good sports bra, (nor to get hold of a good running shoe for the that matter), you do need to spend some time making sure you get a good fit.

Watch this video from Moving Comfort for some great tips on what’s important in a sports bra for running.

Tips For A Perfectly Fitting Sports Bra for Running

Cup Size

  • Scoop your breasts into the cups. They should be completely held within the cup, not bulging out over the top or at the sides under your arms.
  • Wrinkling or puckering of the fabric in the cup indicates the cup is too big

The band is the foundation for support, so it’s important to get the band fitting correctly. It should be quite snug, and should not ride up at the back. If it rides up, it might be that it is too loose, or the straps need adjusting. Make sure you can take a deep breath, comfortably.

The underwire should sit on the ribcage, underneath the breast. It should sit flat against your breastbone, and not poke or pinch.

It seems obvious, but straps should not slide up or dig into your shoulders. If they need to be so tight that they dig into your shoulders, to be able to offer the support you want, it may be that you have an ill fitting band. They should have very little stretch, so as to help prevent up and down movement of the breasts.


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