Quick and Healthy Meal: Almond Lamb and Pumpkin Couscous

almond-lamb-and-pumpkin-couscousAlmond Lamb and Pumpkin Couscous

This quick and healthy meal is great served hot, cold or warm. Try adding some leafy greens into the mix such as lots of fresh coriander or rocket.

Nutritional details 
Serves : 1
Calories: 440

Fat: 11.9 gms
Protein: 37 gms
Carbohydrate: 47.8 gms
Fibre: 4.8 gms


Instructions :

1. Steam the pumpkin and chop roughly and dice the tomato.

2. Meanwhile, add coriander and cumin to chicken stock and bring to the boil. Pour stock over the couscous, cover and stand for 5 minutes.

Remove cover, fork couscous until fluffy and grains have separated.

3. Add steamed pumpkin, tomato, almonds, parsley and sultanas. Toss well to combine and adjust seasoning.

4. Grill lamb steaks on a hot pre-heated grill plate (2-3 minutes) each side until done to your liking, rest (5 minutes) before slicing diagonally

and serving. To serve, top the couscous with lamb and drizzle generously with yogurt.


2 sprig fresh flat-leaf parsley

1.5 tomatoes, small (approx 100g each)

100 g pumpkin (edible portion)

30 g cous cous Average, all brands

0.5 tsp ground cumin Average,

90 mls chicken stock, liquid- if using prepared stock, buy liquid stock, not stock cubes

10 g almonds, flaked

90 g greek yogurt, low fat

100 g lamb, steak, lean

10 g sultanas

0.25 tsp ground coriander


Download a print version of the recipe for four people.  Almond Lamb and Pumpkin Couscous



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