New Year’s Vision


At this time of year, just about everyone is banging on about New Year’s Resolutions – why you need them, how hard it is to keep them, how to keep them, some articles even go so far as to suggest what you should  resolve to do.


At the beginning of each year I try to map out my 20 year “plan”. After about the 10 year mark, it’s more a vision of how I’d like my life to be than a plan, but at least it does give me some idea of where I’m heading, and of course it’s much easier to get there if you know where you’re going, to use a well worn cliché. I also find it’s handy to check out my husbands 10-20 year vision. That way we won’t get to be 60 years old and find we’ve been heading down different paths for the last decade.


I stole some time yesterday whilst one of the neighbours hosted the school holiday mayhem for a while, to put some thoughts down on paper. It really is amazing what a difference writing something down actually does to strengthen your resolve.


So….. I thought I’d share some goals of mine with you, rather than tell you what yours should be, or how to stick to your new years’ resolutions. I’m sure someone else will be doing that.

  • Set a secret goal and don’t share it with anyone. Done. And I will be sharing it with you some time down the track, but it’s just one for me at the moment. Eases the pressure a little bit.
  • Take care of myself. Very often we pay lip service to this one. Lots of friends and clients assume that because I exercise more then the average person, then I’ve pretty much covered the taking care of myself goal. Wrong!! Exercising a lot, particularly when I’m in heavy training means I need to take some extra care. Something I have to admit I’m not all that great at. Stretching, sleep, eating well, sleep, massage, sleep. Guilt free time out!! Well, I’ve had a massage this morning, and I’m encouraging my nearly 5 year old not to run into my bedroom as soon as he wakes at any time between 5:15 and 6:15, and I’m really focused on the guilt free time out as well…. If only I were a man, that one wouldn’t even be an issue. Would it?
  • Travel – this will be firmly planted on the radar with some definite plans in place for the next 5 years. First up looking atHamiltonIslandfor the hilly half marathon in early May. I’d love to do this one with some of you. You can cover the entire ½ marathon yourself, or team with 2 other people to do a 7 km leg.
  • Racing. I might do one half marathon this year, but the focus is definitely on getting quicker over shorter distances, and maybe a few novelty events, just to put the fun back into fun running.
  • Hooked on Health. We have lots of goals for Hooked on Health this year. All of them centre on giving you more. More concise information about what you are interested in via use of our face book page (which has been sadly overlooked to date), a revamped website including a blog, webinars, and a running camp. We’ll also be asking for your feedback via questionnaire from time to time, so we’d really appreciate you taking the time to tell us how we’re going.  In the meantime, feel free to use the comments box below.


I have heaps more of course. This is just a snapshot of my thoughts, and very self indulgent, but now you know a little about what makes me tick. Basically, I’m just like you!


Use the comments box below to tell us of your New Year’s visions, goals or plans, or any unusual ones you’ve heard of. A great place to draw a line in the sand and state your commitment!

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