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Junior Runners' Results 2022

NSW Little Athletics State Championships

Skye Blair

U13 1500m: 5 min 44s

U13 3000m: 12 min 42s


Jett Stokes

U11 1500m: 5 min 21s

U11 800m: 2 min


Caitlin Butler

U9 800m: 3 min 10s

U9 400m: 1 min 19s


David Moyo

U11 400m: 1 min 7s

U11  200m: 30.4s

Brody Johnson

U9 800m: 2min 43s

U9 400m: 1 min 12s


Hugo Condon

U10 800m: 2 min 41s


Isaac Robinson

U10 400m: 1 min 4s

U10 800m: 2 min 27s

U10 200m: 29.3s

NSW Juniors Track and Field Championshps

Jasper Vajdic

U18 3000m; 9:32 

Max Bregozzo

U14 800m; 2:29

Little Athletics Regional Results

Skye Blair

1500, 5th, 5min 49s;

400m, 8th, 1min 13s;

3000m, 6th, 12min 25s;

800m, 7th, 2min 48s

Jett Stokes

1500m, 6th, 5min 23s

800m, 6th, 2min 44s

Isaac Robinson

400m, 1st, 1min 7s

800m, 1st, 2min 32s

Hugo Condon

400m, 5th, 1min 13s;

800m, 4th, 2min 42s

Caitlin Butler

400m, 5th, 1 min 20s

800m, 7th, 3min 6s

Brody Johnson

400m, 2nd, 1 min 13s

800m, 2nd, 2min 46s

Zoe Wallace

800m, 10th, 3min 10s

Sun Run: Dee Why to Manly Feb 2022

Jett Stokes: 1st U/12 7k. 31 minutes 52 seconds

Hooked on Running Results 2021

NSW CCC Cross Country

Adam V: 6th 10yrs. State Qualifier (All Schools)

Zane Ryals: 35th 13 yrs

NSW CIS Cross Country

Owen Dalton: 37th 13 yrs

Solomon Wells: 29th 10 yrs


Abbey McMartin: 23rd 11 yrs

Max Bregozzo: 22nd 12 yrs

Sydney North Regional Cross Country

Liam O’Brien: 1st 18 yrs. State Qualifier

Jordon Holland: 18th 10 yrs

Jett Stokes: 25th 10 yrs

Kyah Ryals: 35th 9 yrs

Skye Blair: 8th 12 yrs. State Reserve

Jed Pickering 40th 12 yrs

Ewen Davies 4th 12 yrs. State Qualifier

Sinead Gallagher 30th 14 yrs

Isaac Robinson: 1st 9 yrs. State Qualifier

Hugo Condon: 5th 9yrs. State Qualifier

Ellie Mason-Jones: 35th 10 yrs

Archie Hetherington: 10th 11 yrs

Max Moore: 8th 11 yrs. State Reserve

Thomas Reade: 22nd 14 yrs

Alex Harvey: 8th 14 yrs. State Qualifier

Ned: 17th 14 yrs

Congratulations to our Latest Cross Country Reps

Max Bregozzo: 1st, Pittwater House Cross Country, 12 yrs and 2nd, HICES. Off to CIS State Champs

Blake Partridge:  21st, HICES Crossy Country, 12yrs

Adam van Rijswijk: 5th, Catholic Schools Cross Country, 10yrs

Jordan Holland: 5th, Zone Cross Country, 10yrs

Noah Sheather: 7th, Zone Cross Country, 10yrs

Josh Ryals: 19th, Zone Cross Country, 11yrs

Skye Blaire: 2nd,  Zone Cross Country, 12 yrs

Jett Stokes: 3rd, Zone Cross Country, 10 yrs 
Liam O’Brien: 1st, Zone Cross Country, 18 yrs
Ellie Mason-Jones: 4th, Zone Cross Country, 10 yrs
Jed Pickering: 5th, Zone Cross Country 12 yrs

Max Moore: 3rd, Zone  Cross Country, 11yrs

Archie Hetherington: 4th, Zone Cross Country, 11yrs

Hugo Hetherington: 4th, Zone Cross Country, 9yrs

Thomas Reade: 5th, Zone Cross Country, 14 yrs

Oscar Elliot: 5th, Zone Cross Country, 13yrs

Sam Goldin: 3rd, Zone Cross Country, 16yrs

Cormac Gallagher: 8th, Zone Cross Country, 13yrs

Isaac Robinson: 1st, Zone Cross Country, 9yrs

Hugo Condon: 3rd, Zone Cross Country, 9yrs

Kyah Ryals: 4th, Zone Cross Country, 9yrs

Isla Robinson:  11th, Zone Cross Country, 12yrs

Zane Ryals: 2nd, Broken Bay Diocese Cross Country 13 yrs

Raffa McFadden: 12th, Zone Cross Country, 10yrs

Milla McFadden: 7th, Zone Cross Country, 12yrs

Hayley Loreto: 10th, Zone Cross Country, 11yrs

Blake Partridge: 3rd, Pittwater House Cross Country

Anders Peel: 12th, Zone Cross Country, 12yrs

Hari Callagher: 13th Zone Cross Country, 12yrs

George Harris: 19th, Zone Cross Country, 11yrs

Declan O’Kelly: 25th, Zone Cross Country, 11yrs

Allesandro Nussrallah: 8th, Zone Cross Country, 12yrs

Leo Ruddick: 15th, Zone Cross Country, 11 yrs

Jordan Casey: 11th, Zone Cross Country, 8/9 yrs

Min Beeston:  15th, Zone Cross Country, 8/9 yrs

Micah Minchin: 13th, Zone Cross Country, 12 yrs

Lindfield Fun Run 2021


Liam O’BRIEN 36:23: 1st 16-19 yrs Male, 5th Overall
Oscar ELLIOTT 44:05: 3rd U 16 Male
Richard SARKIES 44:09: 10th 50-59 Male
Kent NICHOLLS 49:16: 18th 40-49 Male
Sam NICHOLLS 49:17: 4th U16 Male


Sam GOLDIN 18:54: 1st 12-15 yrs Male, 5th Overall
Robyn GOLDIN 32:35: 30th 40-49 Female


Max BREGOZZO 06:15: 2nd, Open Male
Jett STOKES 7:10: 2nd, U12 Male
Skye BLAIR 7:15: 2nd, Open Female
Micah MINCHIN 7:20: 4th U12  Female
Jake STALLEY 7:58: 7th U12 Male
Anders MINCHIN 8:09: 2nd 12-15 Male
George HARRIS 8:41: 12th U12 Male
Jack HARRIS 9:04: 14th U12 Male
Lucy HARRIS 9:04 1st 40-49 Female
Jingying CHONG 8:18: 2nd U12 Female
Jingwan CHONG 9:05: 8th U12 Female
Elliot STALLEY 9:40: 19th U12 Male
RIKKE MINCHIN 9:58: 14th U12 Female
Thalia WIBISONO 10:32: 18th U12 Female
Steven WIBISONO 10:33: 10th 40-49 Male


Cross Country Series 2

State Little A’s Champsionships

Isaac Robinson
1st, 800m, 2 min 33s, pb;
10th, 200m, 30.9 pb;
7th, 400m, 1min 12s

NSW Juniors Championships

Max Bregozzo U14 800m: 2 mins 41 seconds.
Racing up an age group, Max was very much in the mix with the other U13s in the race.

Park Run:

Owen Dalton: 23:42, St Ives
Tiana Freeman: 24:45, Curl Curl

Hussky Tri

Justin Turner 2k  9:30, 13th overall

Little Athletics Regional Championships

Skye Blair: 800m 2 min 47 (PB); 1500m 15:46 (PB).

Isaac Robinson: 200m 32.7 (PB), 400m 1:10 (PB), 800m 2:38 (PB). All state qualifiers

Archie Hetherington: 800m 2:46, 1500m 5:23

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Series Highlights

What some of our members say

Archie, 10yrs, Lindfield says….
“I like training and competing because I get to make friends, my legs get stronger and it makes me feel good. I really like to do the 400m, 800m and the 1500m the best”
Olivia, 11yrs, Frenchs Forest says…..
I am faster, have fun, and made it to regional cross country. I have learned how to pace myself as previously I had no race strategy. I really enjoy the sessions as there’s different content each week, and get alot out of the cross country races on Saturdays afternoons
Owen, 13yrs, Forestville says….
By attending the running sessions my stamina has improved a lot, I have competed in State for cross country, and learned how to pace myself for races. Everyone in the group is very friendly and easy to chat to so it made it much more enjoyable