Fun Run Entry Deadlines

LINDFIELD-FUN-RUN-START1.jpgThe fun run season is hotting up. If you’re like me, you’re being bombarded by emails advising you that registrations have opened, early bird entries are closing, etc etc. It’s all a bit hard to keep track of, so I thought I’d put together a list of some of the fun runs I know you like to enter, along with their entry deadlines.

Some of the advantages of early bird entry include a saving on the entry fee, and having your race kit mailed to you, rather than having to go to the race expo prior to race day to pick up your kit. Some races do not offer early bird entry, and some don’t mail your race kits.

Keep in mind that most fun runs have a limited capacity, and some reach capacity well before race day.

Every effort has been made to be accurate with dates, but if you’re planning on a particular race, it’s a good idea to check yourself. There’s no substitute for planning and a double check.


Fun Run

Early Bird Deadline

Entry Deadline

Entry On Race Day

City to Surf
11th Aug

Midnight 28th March. have your race info posted, and save $15


Until capacity reached, so get in early Not available
Sri Chinmoy Centennial Park
1st April 
 Fri 29th March 5pm  6:45-7:55am
Lindfield Fun Run
7th April
Saturday 30th March-close of business – not time specified Website says 24 hrs before race start, but get in by Friday 5th by 5pm, just in case

Before 7:45 if capacity not reached. I haven’t seen them close the registrations yet, but there’s always a first time


SMH Half Marathon
19th May 
4th April
Save $25 
Until capacity reached, so register early  Not Available
Hooked on Health Kids Cross Country
Race 4 7th April 
Midday, 5th April  Prior to 8:45
Mothers Day Classic
12th May
5pm Wed 10th April

Online 12 noon, wed 8th May. Mailed entries, Fri 3rd. All entries Fri 3rd to have bib posted


From 6:30 am. Also Domain on Sat 11th 2-5pm.
Hooked on Health Kids Cross Country
Race 5 28th April 
Midday 26th April  Prior to 8:45am
Hooked on Health Kids Cross Country
Race 6 5th May 
Midday May 3rd Prior to 8:45am
Manly Fun Run
19th May 
 9th May  9am 17th May Before 7:30 am
Minimos Marathon
16th June 
Midnight 12th May Midnight, 15th June  From 6am
Gold Coast Marathon
6th & 7th July 
Midnight 22nd May Friday 5th July Not Available
Sri Chinmoy Centennial Park
9th June
7th June, 5pm 6:45-7:55am


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