How quickly do you lose fitness?

How much fitness do you lose when you stop training

You Can Lose Fitness When It’s Raining

I remember telling a friend a very long time ago, that you still get fat on the weekend, as she shovelled piles of peanut butter on her toast, telling me it was the weekend so it didn’t count.

It’s a bit the same with training and rain. You can still get unfit when it’s raining you know, just as you would get unfit if you stopped running due to injury, illness, or misadventure! And it’s still just as hard to get that fitness back.

Here’s a quick run down on what happens to your running fitness when you stop training, and how quickly you can get it back.


00:35- Fitness levels and fitness loss

1:05-Training break impact on 30 min 5km time

1:50-Training break impact on 25 min 5km time

2:34 – Training reak impact on 20 min 5km time

3:20-How long does it take to get your fitness back?


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