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Imagine if...

You didn’t have to wonder how far, how fast, or how frequently you need to train to hit your goals.
You had a personal running coach to think about all of that for you, and all YOU had to think about was running, getting enough sleep, and what to feed the kids for dinner!
You had a training plan specifically customised for you, targeting what YOU need to do to improve your running and reduce the risk of injury.
You could get the right advice from expert coaches who know your fitness level and your running history, rather than googling for answers.
Wouldn't that make life a bit more simple?
How it works...

A training plan that works for you so you're consistent with your training. You’ll get fitter and see results faster. Logging your training means you’ll see just how far you’ve come. You’ll be part of a community of supportive runners and coaches, so you’ll never feel like you’re training alone.

You log your training sessions, and your experienced coaches will give you regular feedback, adjusting your program based on your training. You’ll get helpful hints, sage advice, and high fives. We closely monitor you to keep you on target to hit your running goals, and to keep your risk of injury low.

Your training schedule is customised just for you. Recent training & race results, as well as your work/life commitments are taken into account when we plan your training. We work to your strengths, and focus on eliminating weaknesses. You get time efficient training that gives results.
Who we love to help...
Whatever type of runner you are you'll see the benefits of a time efficient, customised training plan, coaching support and an on-line community. From absolute beginners with no running experience to seasoned runners, we have the experience to take you to the next level 

Age is no barrier...
​​​​​​You don’t have to stop running, just because you’re getting a few grey hairs. By having a long term, adaptive strategy, which emphasises good recovery, and ensures every kilometer counts, you can stay fit, healthy, and maybe even crack a few personal records.

Many of our runners are in the “masters” category, or fast approaching it, and we’ve seen them surprise themselves with some fantastic gains through dedication, consistency, and a sensible approach to training. You’ll find you’ll be amazed by what you can do too.

Nor is a busy lifestyle...

Whatever your lifestyle, and no matter how busy you are, running can be a part of your life.

Your custom training plan will adapt to your schedule. You train on the days that you can train, and if you have to miss a training session due to your busy work or family life, your coach will help you make the adjustments you need to keep on track.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Am I fast enough for a custom training plan?

​​​​​​For sure. This is a custom training plan, written specifically for you. You'll receive details on what you need to do for every run, including what pace you should be running. (Don't worry, generally we find people are running too fast during most of their training sessions, so we'll most likely be asking you to slow down!).

We create training plans for all race distances, and for all levels of ability.  Even if you haven’t run since primary school, we can help! We keep on top of your training, and monitor you closely. We’ve trained hundreds of runners, and have been running for a fair while ourselves! We keep up to date with the latest research on training and coaching. Add that to over 50 years of combined coaching experience,  and you’re giving yourself the best chance for success.

We can’t kick you out of bed in the morning, but we’re offering the next best thing!

How will my training be delivered?

​​​​​​Once you've completed a questionnaire, your coach will use this to map out a training plan for you. Whilst your training will be mapped out to the event you're aiming for, your detailed customised plan will be delivered in 2-4 week blocks. That means we can be sure each block of training builds on how you have responded to your previous block. Your training 12 weeks down the track is NOT based on A GUESS of how we think you'll running by then. It's based on how your training has actually been going!

We use state of the art software to deliver your training program to you. You can access your schedule via the members area of our website, or by downloading the training app and viewing on your phone. You'll also receive an email each day with that day's, plus the next day's workouts. We've worked hard to make sure the process is as simple as possible.

Will it take a lot of time to let you know how I'm going?

​​​​​​No. You can log your training manually using the phone app or a desk top computer. Using the phone app is really as simple as a couple of taps to let us know you've completed the session as planned. 

If you have a GPS device, you will be able to sync it to the Hooked on Running app, via the Strava training app, and your workout details will upload to your training log automatically. If you don't have a GPS device, and like to run with your phone, you can record your training on Strava and automatically upload that data to our app. Strava is a widely used app which, amongst other things, uses the GPS on your phone to record where you have run, and can give distance and duration of your workouts. 

You don't need to run with any devices  at all, if you don't want to,  other than a standard watch. In fact, sometimes we prefer you to leave your device at home! You will still be able to record your training as completed in the training log. Most of your training runs will be based on duration, not distance, so there is no need to measure how far you run. (We do find most people want to though.)

How frequently will my coach give feedback?

​​​​​​You’ll receive feedback from our coaching staff at least once a week (usually more) on the training essentials package. If you opt for the Diamond Performer level of training, you’ll receive your own dedicated coach who’ll be in contact via your training log two to three times a week, and/or via email for more detailed feedback. If we feel you’re going through a period when you need more support, we’ll give it to you. [Please note we are not able to take on anyone at the Diamond Performer level until April 2018]. 

You will also have access to the weekly "coach's corner" where we answer questions we've received from our runners during the week. 

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Here's how to get started

Choose between a weekly, monthly or quarterly subscription. After registration you'll be asked to complete a detailed questionnaire so that we can start your training at an appropriate level.   
Your coach will review your questionanire and clairfy anything via email if necessary, then get started on planning your custom training. 
Whilst your program is being created, you'll receive login details for the members area and you can look around at the resources there and get familiar with how to use the training schedule. You'll receive instructions on how everything works, and we are only an email away if you are having problems. 
The first few weeks of your customised plan will be ready for you within 2-3 business days (sometimes sooner). You'll start receiving emails on a daily basis detailing your workouts. You can start logging your training and down the track, you'll see the results of all your hard work! 
Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our coaching comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We can't guarantee you'll run your fastest ever - there are just too many variables to be able to do that- but we can guarantee you'll love your custom plan. 

If you don’t like your workout schedule, email me within 7 days of receiving a training block, and we'll make it work for you. 


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What runners say about Hooked on Running
Well thank you thank you thank you.

You have kept me on track for ten weeks and I achieved a time I only dreamt about!

Your confidence in the time I could achieve was surprising but I guess you've seen it all before!! I love my splits below and the ranking. Pulling off the pace on heartbreak hill is clearly the way to do it!

The best bit is that I'm feeling great not stuffed. Might be a different story tomorrow morning 😜.

Think I'll be back for the sub 70 next

Thank's Kirsten Todd for my amazing coaching program, no way could I have made the 50km without your expertise!

It's all in the training.
We came in 5th in our category and 7th overall!

​​​​​​​If anybody is training for a race they have to get you to write them a program..

-Lisa Penson
 I've never done interval training or even paced myself so those 2 things alone have been a good take out.

I'm finding I finish each session and still have energy, some days I feel like I could keep running. 

Considering this time last year I couldn't make it to my letterbox and back [without]... immense pain I am so excited." 

Deb Karalus
I just come back from doing this wo​rkout​​​​​​. It was a bit tough but I did manage it!

My little one is doing much better thank you.

I also wanted to say THANK YOU very much for making this possible.

I sincerely did not think I could do the run on Thursday but you did not listen to my whining, and I am very grateful for it!!!

Start Personal  Running Coaching