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Running Group Membership

Running group membership is charged on a per term basis. If you start part way through a term we bill you for the remainder of the term on a pro rata basis. 

After your first membership payment, your membership will automatically roll over into the next term, and your card charged. You will be sent a reminder email prior to your card being charged, and you can opt out via return email, or by emailing any time prior to the next charge date. 

The next charge dates are Oct 25th 2020, Jan 25th 2021, April 25th 2021 and July 25th 2021. 

Term dates for the remainder of 2020 are:
Term 3
July 13th – September 28th

Term 4
October 7th – December 21st

By joining Hooked on Running using the payment form on this page, you agree to us charging your card as described above.

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