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Running On-Air

Live, remote group running workouts guided by expert coaches

Planning on coming out of lockdown stronger than ever, or planning on putting your running on hold until things normalise….sometime ??

  • Are you open to trying something a little different with your running?
  • Or perhaps you’re struggling a bit with motivation right now?
  • Are you keen to run with a group even though you can’t be running together physically at the moment?
  • Do you need some time when you can stop thinking about home schooling, stop being with the people you live with 24/7, and actually have some fun?
  • Do you like the idea of having an expert coach guide your through running interval workouts?

Running On-Air Is Your Answer

How Does It Work?

  • I put you in the Running On-Air WhatsApp group, where you will receive a link to each upcoming session. You decide which session(s) you’d like to come to. 
  • Once you have Zoom on your phone (and who doesn’t these days) It’s as simple as clicking on that link from your phone when you’re ready to join us. 
  • You run at a location of your choice. Local sports fields generally work well
  • All you need is a phone. You don’t need earphones/buds, but they are a good to have. We have had people just use their phone speaker and it works quite well
  • We start the session with a warm up run, when you can have a chat
  • Once we get to the harder part of the session, you’ll be put on mute so that we are not all listening to everybody’s heavy breathing!
  • Your Running On-Air coach will guide you through the session, telling you when to pick the pace up, when to drop it down, and what level of effort to run at
  • Between sets you can have a chat with the rest of the group, and ask your coach questions

This is a live session, with real, live people at the other end of the line

A Typical Session

  • Warm up for around 10 minutes at an easy pace
  • This is followed with some run throughs/strides/faster surges as part of the warm up
  • The main part of the session consists of efforts of varying lengths, generally between 30 seconds and 3 minutes, though some sessions we’ll do some 15 second efforts, and some efforts may be up to 5 minutes
  • Recovery intervals are also of different lengths and may be either standing or active recovery
  • We use the Rating of Perceived Exertion for you to gauge your level of effort
  • We also use the “talk test” to gauge your level of effort – we can get a pretty good idea of what sort of level you’re working at by assessing whether you can talk or not 🙂


Running On-Air