We hate to see you go…

but we do understand that sometimes you just have to take a break. You’re always welcome back at Hooked on Running.

Put Your Online Coaching on Hold and Keep Your Training History

If you’d just like to take a break from training for a while, you can put your coaching on hold free of charge for up to 4 weeks. If you’d like to take a break for longer than 4 weeks, we will need to charge you $5 per month, or part there of. To put your training on hold, please send me a personal email at kirsten@hookedonrunning.com.au By unsubscribing below, your subscription service will cease at the end of your current subscription period. If you are unsubscribing from an online coaching service, this means you will no longer have access to your training log. You training history and plan will not be saved by Hooked on Running. If have the time to include a few lines about what you liked about Hooked on Running and what you think we could improve, we’d really appreciate your feedback.

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