Bloomberg Square Mile Relay

As a coach of mostly women, I’m always happy to hear about events that are particularly suitable for us. So I was very pleased to have a phone call from the team behind the Bloomberg Square Mile Relay.


The Square Mile Relay  is a corporate global series with races in London, Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai, Shanghai…expanding this year to New York, Frankfurt – and now Sydney! I’ve tried to convince my husband that I need to do the whole series, but he won’t be in it. The event will take place on Wednesday evening, March 16th in Sydney’s scenic Darling Harbour.

Isidora Stefanovic of Limelight Sports (the local Sydney event organiser) feels the event would be a great fit for corporate women, both beginners and experienced runners alike, and I have to agree.

Great Distance for Beginners and Experienced Runners

Firstly, the event is a mile. That’s 1600m. A very do-able distance for beginners with a few weeks training under their belt. Covering the distance in a beginner scenario will probably take between 10 and 15 minutes, so even if you aren’t comfortable with a speedy pace the whole way, you won’t be left far behind. As Nick Keller, CEO of the event owner Square Mile Sport says, “The event is open to all levels of experience, whether you are an elite runner or just run for fun in your spare time – we want everyone to enjoy this fantastic experience.”

Team Event

Secondly it’s a team event, and from my experience coaching women, we perform well as part of a team. I know that if I want my runners to put in that little bit of extra effort in our interval training sessions, all I need do is structure the session to include a relay!

$10,000 Up For Grabs

The winning team will walk away with not only bragging rights, but $10,000 to the charity of their choice! Emily Gordon, Head of Bloomberg Australia believes “The race embodies collaboration and speed in business and it’s going to be great to see so many of our customers, employees and industry peers running alongside each other for their chosen charities.”
For the more competitive runner, the event offers the opportunity to test out your team’s times amongst fierce competition. Teams of 10 are formed by companies generally within the financial sector, with the top placed team winning $10,000 to donate to their chosen charity. The London 2015 race saw Barclays narrowly defeat J.P Morgan, in the not too shabby times of 53.39 and 54.36, respectively.

Network at the After Party

“It’s also a great networking opportunity, with an after party where women can interact with team members from other companies, and expand their connections within the financial sector” Stefanovic said. Not to mention they can kick back to music by one of Sydney’s DJ’s and enjoy some awesome hospitality.

Registration for the Bloomberg Square Mile Relay is now live on the event website.

Find out more about the Bloomberg Square Mile Relay on the event website

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